intervention between a designer and design

“Architects tend to draw what they can build, and build what they can draw.” WJM
Whorfian effect
How many version-up softwares do we need? Though we do get them and catch up with ‘new’commands, the internal structure of the one-way relation between the operator and the tool is still stabilized. Instead, what if do we get a reciprocal one?

wavering surface reflecting internal/ external environmental condition

The representation of the open-end system in internet communication system is now changing the status of the creators. In this cyber space, the role of the creators shifts into the ‘domain’ in which they will be infected by the other’s intervenes or they will cultivate their edition in the process. In other words, there exists somthing which intervenes between a designer and design. Usually some private websites supplying free applications are still improving because the visitors can join and update them.
Without an existence of consistent author, the free program called ‘Postmodern Generator’ programmed by MIT can generate an academic paper. It is a program that generates random research papers, including graphs, figures, and citations. If we visit their website and type our name on it, it automatically creates a paper of us. Though the results are still random, the MIT programmer proved the possibility with the fact that one of the paper was really passed in a class!–I heard of it. These phenomena imply new notion of urban and architectural design. The domain of the designer would shift from the coherent operator of the space into the instigator between the elements.
In this case, who/what is the subject of the design? Do Designers know they do not know? Or, they do not know that they do not know? Or, they do not know that they do not know that they do knot know?
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