Albert's house in Palm Springs

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my laptop has seriously crashed yesterday and i am now typing with a school computer.
(izen email wo okutte itadaita kata; email wo otesu desuga mou ichido ookuri kudasai. douzo yoroshiku onegai shimasu.)
anyway i extruded internal data and it is a sort of
a happiness though itis just before the presentation(2 days later) and i still have to work a lot. i might have to buy a new computer again. i think maybe god tells me to stop and think myself objectively. i will write this site in english fora while.
Anyway,, I write some of my memory to forget my pain today. If you prefer to resd in japanese, I amsorry for your inconvinience. plese just wait for a few days!

Recently, I am working for thereserch project at the school. the school is still relatvely quiet now. but somebody are tackling with their presentations. so in the midnight i sometimes hear someone roaring and shouting at his/ her computer monitor because the work doesn’t match as much as their will. though it seems tough but it is interesting to remind the building sectionalplan; the diagonal section like a baseball studium-the space people emotionally be laud.
Albert Frey House, Palm Springs
These are pictures of Albert Frey‘s housein Palm Springs in CA. Aoocrding to it, by the 1950’s and 60’s Palm Springs had become a resort town for the American rich and famous. Major stars such as Bob Hope, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner built or bought houses in this period, giving the town a world wide fame as the place the stars went to relax. 1987 saw U2 released the song The Joshua Tree, located in the desert area around the city.
In 2005, I landed on there. From Boston and New York, the climate there was out of my imagination; it was OUTRAGEOUSLY hot , and what was worse, my rental car didn’t work air condition. But when I opened the door, the the hot and dry winds baked up my skin. Nothing to do with that heat and thirst , I visited the house in the desert city. No man except for back-packers walked on the sunny streets.

sash detail and landscape

Located on the very steepy and rocky hill in the corner of the city, it overlooks the total city’s view surroued by desert land–no man’s land. The night view though the trancparet glass depicts highly the contrast between liveless black and simmer lights–in which air condition enabled people to live there, and dramatically changed the buildings’ appearance wrapped with large glass walls .
The guide told me it was him who firstly designed an air conditioning building into the city.
It is the swiss born architects’ private house and he loved amazing landscape. He even tried to invite Le Corbusier, his previous master in Paris, to show new phenomena of the urban environment and architecture in this frontier.
Thus he located the shed so that he could sleep with the rock–never married there again after a divorce. The rock intersecks the house and connects inside / ouside, and also functions as an anchor which ambiguously distinguishes / connects the living / bed space beneath the one-room ceiling. The ceiling line of the structural I shape beam over the rock makes harmony with the rock to specify and visualize such a spatial perception.
Details of the interface between natural and artificial is very simple but full of care, which show his sense of his life there.
Let him Roll…
rock and bed
Corner detail and landscape
Now, he’s gone, and a curator maintains the house. Some of the interior parts like the chairs and the curtain have been changed.
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  2. Thanks J,
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    Yeah, actually for me to write in English sometimes changes my mind into more decisive in my mind. I could agree with Colomina’s opinion on that, though I am definitely not so fluent as her.
    It is very interesting to feel something different for me as a Japanese. I try to wirte in Engilish to enjoy and communicate with you.

  3. I would say you should write more in English to give me and J.Ferrao a chance to understand your idea…^^ Thanks..