Surfaces and Figures of Condos

—Jean Nouvel Soho Cond
The recent situation of Jean Nouvel and Andre Balazs’ Condo under construction(see reference) on 40 Mercer street in New York.
Nouvel view from west
view from east, broadway
—HdeM’s Condo on 40 Bond street, south area of East village in New York (see the description and images)
view from Bond street east
view of the facade
detail of facade

  1. Miyajima sang… are you in NY? I am going back to Korea in two weeks… I thought I would be closer to you if I get back home…. anyway.. I went to Farnsworth house last weekend.. and I got a feeling that your trace was there…. And it also reminds me my trip to Marfa with you and Ryu…. I smile with a good memory with you… Have a good day and I will see you some day…

  2. Hi Jo sang!
    No I bave already left NY. Maybe I will tell my experiance in Seattle and SFO in a few days. I feel you close to me.
    Are you leaving for Basel soon from Korea? I continue to check your website and then I could image your situation.
    Anyway, we can see anytime.

  3. 先日は大変お世話になりました。佐藤です。
    「3年前の…」という話はかなり無理があります 笑

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    学校のprojectでUrban Regional Planningのロゴデザイン
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